Tenerife - Masca
Tenerife – Masca

Small and high

Masca lies in the northwest of Tenerife and is nestled in a gorge. The village is about 600 meters high in the Teno Mountains. About 80 people live here. The center of Masca exists out of a small square and a small church. Next to the church there is a souvenir shop, a café and a bistro. You could only reach the village by walking paths until the 60s and it was therefore impossible to get there by car. Masca is still car free and you will have to leave the car before the village. Masca is not accessible for people in wheelchairs. It is also not recommended for people who have a difficulty walking.

Masca is one of the most beautiful places on Tenerife.

High mountains surround the small village and there is a small peak near the village center. There are also forests with mostly cypress and palm trees. There are also potatoes, wheat, fruits and vegetables grown in small quantities. The village has a good water supply in order to do that.


Masca is at the beginning of the Masca Gorge. The gorge goes all the way down to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. This is a popular hiking trail which takes about 3 hours for an experienced hiker. However it is recommended to walk with a group or a guide. There are boats going from Playa de Las Americas and Los Gigantes to the bay of Masca and back. Many hikers choose to descend and go back with the boat to Playa de Las Americas and Los Gigantes. It is advised to book a boat in advance.

The houses on Masca have 2 floors and are built on the mountain slopes. Some houses are abandoned because people have left for the cities of Tenerife or even the mainland of Spain.